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"...thought-provoking works of art that raise awareness about brain health and critical funding for research at Baycrest for Alzheimer’s and related dementias."

Niagara This Week

Street art exhibits nurture artists and connect with landmarks' history

The Sound

Andrea Letourneau's SHIFT : one night only

Niagara Falls Culture Canada

Artist's Studios 

Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls Review

Andrea Letourneau's “Wings on Queen” is one of several new art installations in the Queen Street district. An Art Walk event to showcase the artwork will be held Monday.

- Alison Langley , Torstar

SkySceneMedia TV Niagara

Art Walk in Support of The Alley and Laneway Project in Niagara Falls Tourism.

Anne Marie Lyric Music Video

Appearance shown at 2:14. 

Lyrics : "So I wear what I wanna 'cause I'm cool with what's underneath."

Using Letourneaus' see through canvas !

Niagara Now

Twenty-five-year-old Andrea Letourneau is pioneering a new take on the traditional art show.

Niagara This Week

Niagara Falls artist Andrea Letourneau with some of her abstract works. She will be teaching classes in abstract painting at the Niagara Institute of Music and Art (NIOMA) starting Sunday, Feb. 4. The course runs for eight weeks.

- Richard Hutton/Metroland

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6th Annual Night of Art 

Niagara Falls History Museum  


5th Annual Night of Art 

Niagara Falls History Museum 

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Photo: Mark Johns

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