“Andrea commissioned a piece that I gifted my partner and it was beyond what I could have pictured an artist could paint by hand. The level of detail and accuracy put into it was astounding. It was a special request, to paint my partners’ father who recently passed holding our newborn son. It was so important to us to have a photo of them together since they never had the chance to meet. She captured the baby perfectly but, more challenging, was able to also depict a grown man with such detail that those who knew and loved him saw him, saw his spirit. To say it brought tears to our eyes to finally see them together is an understatement and Andrea’s amazing work gave us one of the most heartfelt and meaningful pieces of artwork we will ever own.

Thank you, Andrea! ” 

—  Maryann Savoie, Toronto

Meet andrea

Canadian multi-disciplinary artist Andrea Letourneau (born 1992, Niagara Falls ON) trained at York University (Toronto) and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Minor in French. Letourneau is an emerging artist inspired by but not limited to the Automatiste Group, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo DaVinci, Picasso as well as Pop Art and the intricacies of Abstract Art. Letourneau`s works incorporate a variety of color palettes and experiments with various mediums ranging from canvas painting, photography and mural art. Letourneau Art feels deeply through the vibes and is moved to create by emotion, people and experience. 

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